Porto Bello before refurbishment
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Statue at Limassol's Medieval Castle
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A Grand Story





One look is all it takes to realize that as a building and in terms of its location, Porto Bello has established itself as the latest undisputed landmark of Limassol. In recent years the city of Limassol has undergone a major construction boom, changing the face of the city as we know it. The most stunning and important of all these projects to date and perhaps the only one with the potential to create its own historical continuity is Porto Bello.


Porto Bello is a celebration of a lifetime of achievement. In its early days, the original Haggipavlu Winery building (est. 1844), now a listed building that has been integrated into the stunning master plan, was a symbol of the dynamism of the commerce and trade that set Limassol on the road to great things. Characterized by its subtle integration of “The Winery” listed building of traditional character with modern commercial architecture, the prestigious Porto Bello blends history with innovation. Impeccable quality and precise attention to detail raise Porto Bello to unmatched heights of luxury. Modern day Limassol is a vibrant city of international business and tourism. A cosmopolitan city that is attracting high-profile global business to its shores. A city for the future. 

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